Movers arrive on Moving day

What to do when Movers arrive on Moving day?

February 12, 2019

Shifting includes a lot of complicated and time-consuming tasks which are not that easy to complete within the scheduled time. Therefore, it’s always a better option to hire a certified moving company to complete your entire relocation easily and quickly. Once you employ qualified Movers, they will be ready at your doorstep with a well-planned solution for all your shifting problems.

On the day of your move, you must be prepared before the movers arrive so that you don’t waste time doing all the necessary preparations and end up paying extra charges for making them wait. One of the main factors that increase your shifting charges is the total time taken to complete the relocation and quantity and weight of all your goods you want to move into your new home. The lighter your load is, packing and moving can be completed in lesser time, and you will have to spend a smaller amount of money.

Therefore, start sorting through all your things and separate the unnecessary items and make the required things ready for packing and moving. Being prepared for the movers on the scheduled moving date will make your job as well as the mover’s tasks much more relaxed. By this way, you can pack all your precious and valuable items with complete care by yourself, and carry them with you to ensure they are safe. Also, your relocation service provider can pack the rest of your items quickly so that you can move to your new home and settle down comfortably.

Before moving day arrives, you should be ready with all your movable items in one place for fast packing and moving. And, while the movers are at your home, you should make sure that you follow a few steps to ensure your relocation goes out smoothly. We have seen many people get confused about what are the necessary tasks to complete when Movers arrive on moving day. But don’t be stressed, we are here to guide you with what you must do on moving day to complete your relocation correctly.

  • Declutter your unnecessary items: It’s not good to spend extra time and money on moving unwanted items which you might not use in your new home, so you must free yourself from all such belongings. Go through all your goods and sort them into required stuff which you will continue using, and unnecessary things which are good in condition but you are bored of using them. You can quickly sell them online or offline, give to your family and friends, or donate them to a charity. This will help you find all the essential goods which you need to shift in your new home and reduce your load.
  • Pack all the things that you should move yourself: You can pack some valuable and essential items to carry with you so that they don’t get damaged or stolen. These important things will include medicines, extra clothes, laptop, important documents, electronic devices and their chargers, toiletries, jewelry, and hazardous items which your movers won't move (kerosene oil, petrol, etc.). Pack these items in advance and label them correctly, and remain tension free during your whole shifting process. On the day of your move, ensure to keep these items in a separate room so that they are not sent with the movers.
  • Remember to take Pictures of your items: Safety of your goods while shifting them should be your number one priority, so you must prepare a list of all the things you are planning to move. Also, before these items get packed, make sure you take pictures of them so that you can check for damages after moving and make sure all the items were delivered correctly.
  • Label all the boxes accurately: After you are done with all the tasks as mentioned earlier, now it’s time to label all your packed boxes carefully. It's evident that you will forget which items are packed in which box and face difficulties at the time of unpacking in your new home. Therefore, be smart and label all your boxes as and when they are packed so that you can identify the items in the boxes easily. Try using different color codes like red for the bedroom, green for the kitchen and pink for your kid's room, etc. so that you can set them up at your new home comfortably.
  • Purchase Insurance: It’s always a safe option to purchase insurance to protect your valuable goods, especially during a long distance move. Once you take Insurance for shifting your assets, you can sit back and relax knowing all your household items are in safe hands and you will be compensated in case of any losses. Unforeseen calamities can occur during the transit like an accident, human mistakes while loading or unloading, etc., and with insurance you can make sure your goods are safe from all these problems.
  • Plan for pets and kids: It is highly suggested to leave your kids and pets with your relative or a nearby friend until your shifting procedure is completed. You can also find a babysitter to take care of your kids and pets so that they will be engaged and not get in your way on that day. While you can be sure of their safety, you can concentrate entirely on your other tasks.
  • Clear the way from door to truck: To make sure the loading and unloading of your goods take place smoothly, clear the pathway from the entrance to the transporting vehicle. Before the movers arrive, remove all unnecessary things which may be in their way while loading your goods into the truck. This way, you will ensure the safety of your goods as well as the moving guys, and make sure they will be able to do a good job.
  • Offer your movers refreshment: Refresh your movers’ energy for the hard work they do during the shifting process either before or after reaching your new home with all your goods. You can offer them water and some snacks, as this will also make a good impression about you in front of your movers, and they will be more careful while moving your things and make you feel happy at the end of your move.

Shifting is a hectic task, but if you start with a proper plan and also with the support of a professional moving company you can have a quick and secure relocation experience. Now, we hope that the tricks we explained above will help you be ready on moving day.