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Common Moving Mistakes to and ways to Avoid them

February 12, 2019

It’s a well-known fact that if you have to shift by yourself from one place to another and want to a safe and smooth shifting experience, you may face difficulties during your relocation because of some mistakes. These mistakes and issues can be minimized by doing proper planning and knowing what challenges you could possibly face during the relocation.

It’s essential to make sure you avoid common relocation mistakes so that your stressful shifting can turn into a successful moving experience. Meanwhile, many important points need to be completed successfully during your moving process. A single mistake can make a significant impact on your relocation.

We are here to help you know about some of the popular mistakes people make during relocation and we’ll tell you how you can avoid them.

  • Planning to move by yourself: Shifting is a very hectic job if you are planning to move all your goods by yourself as you are not expert in this task you can face a huge loss or damage to your assets.
    So, it’s always advised that you should start planning your move 2 – 3 months before your actual moving date. And, you must hire a reliable Packers and Movers as per your requirement and budget. Since they are experienced in this field, they can handle all the difficult tasks of packing and moving easily. You can sit back and manage your other essential works.
  • Moving all your goods without sorting them: Generally, people pack all the goods without sorting them, and it becomes too problematic to shift heavy goods.
    So, before moving to a new place, sort through all your household items and de-clutter all your unnecessary goods which you don’t use anymore. Sorting your unwanted products will result in less number of boxes, which will help you to relocate easily at your new destination.
  • Not researching before hiring a Moving Company: As mentioned above, you are not an expert to perform your move efficiently, so it's better to hire a Moving company for your relocation. But never be in a hurry while hiring Movers, as you can be in trouble if you come in contact with any fake company moving. They can cheat you by offering low price quotes in starting, and then they will start charging you higher cost to complete your shifting services, or they can disappear with your goods and never contact you.
    So, be smart at the time of selection. Invest your time to do complete research and verification about the moving companies. You can go on different websites and read their reviews and ratings and learn about any previous severe complaints against the company.  You can also contact a well-reputed reference company like AssureShift if you don’t want to waste your time in researching the companies. AssureShift will provide you a list of pre-verified moving companies near you. You can hire suitable packers and movers within 5 – 10 minutes, who can fulfill all your shifting and budget requirements.
  • Forgetting to set a moving budget: While planning your move, you should be smart and make a moving budget so that you don't end up spending more than you can afford on relocating. Once you have hired a reliable Packers and Movers as per your moving requirement, you should request for a pre-move survey so that they can provide you with an accurate price list for shifting your goods. You can negotiate with your movers to get the best deals for moving all your belongings.
  • Not labeling your boxes: If you do not tag your boxes properly, it can become difficult to identify your goods at the time of loading, unloading, and unpacking.
    Once your goods get packed safely, you should ensure they are labeled correctly using multiple colors to identify the boxes according to the rooms in which they will have to be placed. For example, you can use blue labels for the kitchen, red for the bathroom, pink for the drawing room, etc. Doing this will help you identify which goods are packed in which box and will help during unpacking to settle down in your new home.
  • Not purchasing Moving Insurance: No one can guarantee the complete safety of goods, especially during transit. Any unforeseen circumstances can occur like accidents, rain, etc., or maybe a mover may slip and drop your furniture while loading or unloading which can lead to damages.
    Therefore, you should consider purchasing moving insurance before shifting all your valuable goods so that you will not have to face the complete loss of damaged or misplaced items. Buying the insurance will ensure the movers are extra careful and you can stay relaxed that your goods are in safe hands.
    It's true that Relocation is a challenging task, but if you plan your move properly and avoid some of the common mistakes, you will surely have a safe and secure Shifting experience.